Proper skincare is essential at every stage of life, serving not only to enhance your skin's appearance but also to support its health. Understanding how to care for your skin as you age is key. Here's a guide to skincare from childhood to 50+ years, with product recommendations tailored to each age group.

👶 0-12 Years:

Children’s skin is delicate, having just transitioned from the protective environment of the womb. In this stage, the skin is still developing its natural barrier, which can often result in dryness. At this age, skincare should focus on gentle hydration and protection to nurture their evolving skin effectively.

👧 13-19 Years:

In light of the growing Sephora kids trend, it's important to remember that while skincare can be fun, not all products are suitable for young skin. Specifically, potent serums should generally be avoided.
For those experiencing dry or flaky skin, The Guardian Cream can be beneficial. If dealing with impurities, starting with The Balm Cleanser is advisable. If you experience increased sebum production, which leads to breakouts, we recommend using Microbiome Balance Serum.

👩‍🦰 20s:

In your 20s, your skin typically has a strong collagen production and minimal wrinkles. However, this is also a crucial time to begin preventive care for aging.
🫧Recommendation: Incorporate antioxidants such as Golden Vitamin C Serum and Detox + Defense Algae Serum to reduce Sun damage and slow down aging. Use Sunday Exfoliating Serum to treat blackheads and sebaceous filaments 1-2 times per week.

👨 30s: 

In your 30s, your skin begins to show more noticeable signs of aging such as fine lines, wrinkles, and a decrease in elasticity and moisture.
🫧Recommendation: Boost collagen with Regenerating Retinol Serum or with Reset Bakuchiol Serum, a natural alternative to retinol, and hydrate with Multi-Molecular Weight HA Serum which contains hyaluronic acid.

👩‍💼 40s

In your 40s, skin typically experiences deeper wrinkles, increased dryness, decreased natural oil production and hyperpigmentation.
🫧Recommendation: Keep using collagen-boosting treatments like Regenerating Retinol Serum and Reset Bakuchiol Serum. Treat hyperpigmentation with Tone-Evening Tranexamic Acid Serum. In case of high sensitivity, we recommend using Soothing 5-Plant Extract Serum to calm the skin. Moisturize with The Guardian Cream.

👩‍🦳 50s and Beyond

In your 50s and beyond, the skin typically shows significant changes in elasticity and increased dryness.
🫧Recommendation: Opt for a deeply nourishing moisturizer like The Guardian Cream. Use Barrier Boost B3 Serum, which contains niacinamide and ceramides. Niacinamide boosts elasticity and overall skin health, while ceramides strengthen the skin barrier, locking in moisture and protecting against environmental damage.

By understanding and adapting to the needs of your skin at each stage of life, you can maintain its health and vibrancy, no matter your age. Remember, the best skincare routine is one that you commit to consistently. Happy skincare journey!

07 mei 2024 — Karina Shanoyan