As the layers come off and we expose our skin to the gentle spring sun, it's crucial to adapt our skincare to address new challenges: increased UV exposure can lead to dryness, pigmentation, and signs of aging. Beyond the non-negotiable use of SPF, enriching your routine with specific ingredients can significantly enhance skin health and appearance during this season of renewal.


Vitamin C is a hero ingredient in springtime skincare, celebrated for its multifaceted benefits. As makeup becomes lighter and more skin is unveiled, Vitamin C's role becomes pivotal. It not only stimulates collagen production to combat lines and wrinkles but also acts as a potent antioxidant, protecting against UV-induced damage. Furthermore, it inhibits melanin production, helping prevent dark spots and promoting an even skin tone. The luminosity and firmness it imparts make the Golden Vitamin C Serum a perfect addition to your morning regimen.

Bakuchiol, dubbed the natural retinol, has carved out its niche in skincare for those seeking retinol's benefits without its harshness. Suitable for use in warmer months, Bakuchiol enhances skin resilience, smoothness, and radiance while ensuring even tonality. By promoting cellular turnover and offering antioxidant protection, it addresses aging signs and uneven skin tone in a gentler manner. Routinely's Reset Bakuchiol Serum, recommended for nighttime use, complements the skin's natural repair cycle, making it a gentle yet effective option for all skin types.

Tranexamic Acid emerges as a formidable ally against hyperpigmentation and melasma, particularly relevant in spring as the sun becomes more assertive. By disrupting the pathways leading to skin discoloration and blocking melanocyte and keratinocyte interaction, Tranexamic Acid ensures a more uniform complexion. Its efficacy in reducing and preventing dark spots makes the Tone-Evening Tranexamic Acid Serum a valuable addition to your evening skincare routine, leveraging the night for optimal skin repair and rejuvenation.

AHA and PHA Exfoliators introduce a critical component of spring skincare: exfoliation. These chemical exfoliants, derived from natural substances, slough off winter's accumulation of dead skin cells, revealing a brighter, smoother complexion. AHAs address surface dryness and fine lines, while PHAs, being gentler, suit even sensitive skin types. They prepare the skin for the more active ingredients of Vitamin C, Bakuchiol, and Tranexamic Acid, ensuring better absorption and efficacy. The Everyday Exfoliating Serum offers a gentle, daily exfoliating solution, while the Sunday Exfoliating Serum provides a deeper weekly treatment to enhance skin texture and clarity.

Spring skincare is about embracing change and preparing your skin for the season ahead. By incorporating these targeted treatments, you ensure your skin remains hydrated, protected, and radiant, ready to face the blossoming world outside.

26 mars, 2024 — Karina Shanoyan