When we started thinking about the ultimate moisturiser, we gave ourselves a serious challenge: create a lightweight, yet deeply hydrating formula that will be a staple for all skin types. A year later, we’re proud to say that we succeeded. The Guardian Cream really is a triumph; it doesn’t have the heaviness or thickness you would come to expect from a moisturiser so completely… moisturising! It’s non-greasy and silky smooth, supplying the perfect balanced finish. Plus, it seals in the skin-repairing power of our serums (so that they can do their best work), protects the skin from outside irritants, and can be used all-year round. If that’s not top shelf worthy, we don’t know what is. 


Who can use it: 

The Guardian Cream is made for all skin types, tones, conditions, genders and ages! 

Ageing skin will love it because it’s packed with protective and restorative antioxidants and peptides. 

Dry skin will love it because key ingredients like shea butter provide serious moisture. 

Oily and acne prone skin will love it because it’s non-comedogenic (science-speak for it won't clog pores).

Very sensitive skin will love it because it’s 100% fragrance free. 


What’s in it: 

Shea butter, beta glucan and natural moisturising factors nourish the skin barrier and replenish the skin’s water reserves.

Peptides protect healthy cells and promote skin elasticity.

Purslane blocks pollution, UV rays and other potentially damaging environmental stressors. 


How it feels: 

Super light yet immediately hydrating; we love its bouncy, balanced texture. And a little bit goes a long way— apply just a dab for a healthy, natural-looking glow, without shine. 

June 21, 2022 — Kim Marzetti