The ‘double cleanse’ is a method praised by the skincare community that uses two products to properly cleanse the skin. The idea is that you use an oil-based cleanser first to remove dirt and makeup, followed by a water-based cleanser to wash it all away. But what if we told you that double cleansing with two different products isn’t necessary when you have the right cleanser? And what if we told you that we spent a year making the ultimate all-in-one product and it's available… next week? Well, we have really, really good news for you… and it’s called The Balm Cleanser. 


The Balm Cleanser is our idea of the perfect cleanser; it takes off everything from daily dirt to waterproof makeup to sunscreen, in a gentle, non-stripping way. All you have to do is add water to transform it into a milky lather that washes everything off and leaves skin feeling nourished and primed. This allows our serums to really pull in and do their best work; which makes them even more effective than they already are. 


Who can use it: 

The Balm Cleanser is made for all skin types, tones, conditions, genders and ages! We had five different feedback rounds from a diverse group of users to ensure it went beyond expectations. 

Acne & blemish prone skin will love it because it effectively lifts dirt and oil from the skin, and dissolves the overproduction of oil. 

Dry skin will love it because it’s non-stripping and non-drying thanks to a blend of nourishing plant oils. 

Those with rosacea will love it because the smallest amount of tea tree oil (.005%!) acts as an anti-inflammatory, calms skin, and smells super fresh. 

Very sensitive skin will love it because it’s an allergen-free formula. 


What’s in it:

Milk thistle and pomegranate oil pack major antioxidant power to protect and calm skin. 

Meadowfoam oil balances sebum (natural oil) production. 

Squalane and Vitamin E keep skin moisturised and well nourished. 


How it feels: 

This cleanser is a texture dream. It starts off as a luscious balm that literally melts into the skin; we love massaging it in for the most satisfying deep cleanse— dirt and impurities loosen and lift right up! Simply add water, and it instantly turns light and milky for a final wash. You’ll notice soft, soothed skin that’s ready to drink up all kinds of serum goodness. 

June 21, 2022 — Kim Marzetti