Oily skin

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You owe oily skin to the presence of androgens. This is a hormone that people can have in higher amounts regardless of their gender. A higher amount of these hormones can cause an abundance of sebum. The result? Your pores cannot process the abundance of sebum. The combination of too much sebum, thickening of your skin and dead skin cells means that the sebum no longer manages to get completely out of the pores. This causes blackheads and white bumps to form under your skin. It is difficult to balance the oily skin of your face, but with the right skincare for oily skin, it is not impossible (hallelujah).

How do you know if you have oily skin?

Still unsure if you have oily skin? You can recognize it by:

- Blackheads or pimples on the oily areas of your face
- Enlarged pores on your nose, forehead and chin
- After cleansing, your face quickly becomes shiny again
- In the afternoon you have a shiny face
- Your makeup stays less in place

Never use these products for the oily skin of your face

When you think of degreasing, you might think of scrubbing with a bar of soap. But oily skin really doesn't like this. And products such as menthol, lemon (degreaser No.1), mint, eucalyptus, alcohol products and aromatic oils (also called essential oils), are also a no-go if you have oily skin. These products often make your skin tingle - a sure sign that something is wrong. Therefore, leave these products behind closed cabinet doors and go for a good skincare product.

The right skincare for oily skin

For oily facial skin, you need a remedy that provides balance. Too oily skin is not good, but neither is too dry skin. The goal of your search for the right skincare? To reduce sebum production and stimulate cell renewal. In addition, hydration is very important. This is how you go from oily, shiny skin to radiant skin. The Microbiome balance serum is your lifesaver in this regard. The serum contains pumpkin ferment and flavonoids, two substances that conjure away the fat.

The ingredients of Microbiome balance serum: this is what they do

Pumpkin ferment is a gentle, yet effective exfoliator to remove your dead skin cells. It comes from the pumpkin. The second ingredient is flavonoids. Flavonoids are found in vegetables, fruits, tea, wine and grains, among others. You can think of these substances as protectors against free radicals, which have bad effects on your skin. Thus flavonoids protect your skin from:

- UV rays
- Negative changes in your cells and tissue
- Alterations in the collagen fibers of your skin

Flavonoids can also prevent acne, improve the elasticity of your skin and prevent wrinkling. This serum contains flavonoids derived from the leaves of the Maclura cochinchinensis. The substance is your best friend if you suffer from oily skin. In fact, it tackles the cause of the fat and puts everything in place to combat acne. And it also makes for a youthful skin. Do we need to say more?

More miracle drugs that 'degrease' your oily skin

But the serum contains more miracle substances. Like the Epilonium Fleischeri Extract. This is a Swiss flower extract that will make you yodel with enthusiasm. It actually inhibits the production of sebum. And it also helps to reduce skin inflammation. In addition, it reduces pimples and shrinks your pores. As a result, you go from oily shiny skin to radiant skin.

In addition to these three ingredients, the serum also contains LYSOFIX. These are lysophopholipids: natural and skin-identical molecules that have the good properties of being super mild and non-irritating. Therefore, it is especially suitable for sensitive and delicate skin. These molecules help your skin stay hydrated and provide a fresh look.

In short, the Microbiome balance serum:

- Provides a regulation of sebum production
- Reduces excess sebum
- Calls a halt to the bacteria that cause acne
- Stimulates cell renewal, so you no longer have shiny skin

At Routinely, we create our formulas with a minimalist mindset. We only use proven active ingredients in the right dosage (2-3 drops) to ensure maximum efficacy, without irritation. No fillers, additives or fragrances. Our serums are designed to apply well on top of each other. A great combination with the Microbiome balance serum is the Sunday exfoliating serum. This is a powerful exfoliant for twice a week. This serum combines multiple skin-caring acids to prevent impurities, balance sebum production and even out skin tone.

Fancy more? Also throw the 360° azelaic acid serum into the mix and your skin will never have anything to complain about again. This is a multifunctional serum that works on several fronts by combining exfoliation with anti-bacterial, anti-inflammatory and soothing properties. A serum suitable for really all skin problems (!) but especially suitable for oily skin with impurities.

How to use the serum for the oily skin of your face

The education part is over. Now on to the usage. So the above serums are good for oily - or acne-prone skin. Instead of shining, you get a healthy glow. But all skin types, even with sensitive skin, can use these serums.

You can apply the serums on top of each other. Just make sure they each have a chance to dry separately. Are they absorbed into your skin? Then use a moisturizer and finish with sunscreen. And voila, you can head out the door with fresh, balanced skin.