Flavonoids and skin care: A golden combo.

Prevents visible skin aging
Regulate sebum production
An effective antioxidant
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What are flavonoids and what does it have to do with your facial care?

Of course, generally speaking, you eat the recommended amount of fruits and vegetables every day. It is simply healthy for your body.
But did you know that some substances in fruit and vegetables are also good for your skin? This is due to flavonoids. This substance not only determines the color of fruits and vegetables, but it has more special activities. Such as combating skin aging and UV rays.
The good news: you can not only eat flavonoids, but you can also administer this fine substance to your skin in other ways.  

So what exactly are flavonoids?

 Fruits and vegetables contain polyphenols. A complicated word for antioxidants. They are fighters against free radicals.
Free radicals, again, are substances that your body creates that cause damage to the tissue of your cells. This causes your cells to age and the free radicals can even damage your DNA. 

These free radicals are not created by your body by chance. It happens because you expose your body to the sun, cigarette smoke, polluting chemicals and air pollution. Because it attacks your cells and collagen fibers, you get aging skin.

Back to polyphenols and flavonoids.
Polyphenols again can be divided into several categories, one of which is flavonoids. This category - or group - consists of more than six thousand(!) water-soluble, nitrogen-free and natural compounds. Plants use flavonoids to protect themselves from the sun, for example. By the way, you will find flavonoids not only in fruits and vegetables, but also in certain herbs, grains, nuts, legumes, coffee, tea and even red wine (yeey!).

Flavonoids and skincare: this makes it a golden combo

Free radicals are the enemy of your cells and therefore your body. They cause your cells to age. Something that is disastrous for a radiant skin that we would like to have and maintain.
Fortunately, flavonoids are the heroes of this story. Because these optimistic fighters make sure that: 

-They protect your cells and tissue
-Prevent changes in the collagen fibers of your skin
-Your blood vessels and connective tissue notice a positive effect
-Your skin brightens up quite a bit from antioxidants. For example, some flavonoids provide protection from the sun's UV rays.
-Some others improve the production of new skin cells or collagen.
They enhance the elasticity of your skin, prevent acne and can even reduce wrinkles.

What do the flavonoids in the Microbiome balance serum do? 

-Even out sebum production
-Stop inflammation
-Diminish the signs of acne
-Ensure even, youthful-looking skin

Routinely's Microbiome balance serum contains not only fermented pumpkin, but also flavonoids. Flavonoids from the leaves of the Maclura cochinchinensis to be exact. These particular flavonoids are shining stars in addressing the cause of oily skin. But it also prevents the formation of acne. In fact, it inhibits the bacteria that develop acne and ensures that inflammation does not stand a chance. It suppresses the main inflammatory enzymes. To top it off, it also regulates sebum production. 


For which skin is the Microbiome balance serum suitable?

Do you often have a shiny face? Or do you regularly suffer from acne? Because the serum Microbiome balance contains flavonoids that regulate sebum production, reduce excess sebum and stimulate cell renewal, you will soon see that your skin is less shiny. And it, along with the pumpkin ferment, ensures that it stops the bacteria that develop acne. But even if you don't experience these problems, the serum is fine for you. Even with sensitive skin.  


Hoe gebruik je het Microbiome balance serum?

Met de druppelaar van het serum laat je 2 tot 3 druppels in je handen vallen. Of je druppelt het direct op je gezicht. Natuurlijk op een schoon gezicht, anders heeft het weinig zin. Daarna klop je de druppels in je huid en wacht je tot het serum is opgenomen. Dit doe je ‘s ochtends en ‘s avonds. Het is dus makkelijk in je schoonheidsroutine op te nemen. Het serum is een doorschijnend, melkachtige vloeistof dat snel in je huid trekt. Tip: is je huid gevoelig voor retinol? Dan is het Reset Bakuchiol serum een prima alternatief om zo goed als hetzelfde resultaat te bereiken.


Using Microbiome balance serum with other products

Of course, you don't want your skin to have any nasty reactions. That's why it's important to know that you can combine Routinely's serums with all kinds of other ingredients to your heart's content. So mix & match and live it up with all the other skincare products you have. 


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