Retinol + Squalane
A gentle yet effective retinol serum to boost cell turnover and treat multiple signs of ageing. For skin that's radiating from within with a smooth texture and visibly reduced fine lines and wrinkles.
Swiss-made. Vegan.
No allergens, fragrances, irritants, and additives.

Dermatologically tested & tolerance tested. 10 out of 10 subjects said their skin looked younger after 8 weeks.
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Forever young


Otherwise known as vitamin A, this is one of the most studied and effective ingredients in skincare. Our .35% concentration prevents and treats signs of premature ageing, reduces blemishes, and balances tone and texture for firm, vibrant skin.


A natural fatty acid derived from olives, best known for its moisturizing and skin-replenishing properties, without clogging pores. Squalane is an ideal oil for blemish-prone skin and a perfect compliment to retinol, as they both have the ability to reduce signs of skin aging.

How to apply


Press the dropper and release 2-3 drops in the palm of your hand, on your finger tips or directly on a cleansed face, while avoiding the dropper to touch your skin for optimal hygiene. Gently massage or pat the liquid into your skin. Wait for the serum to fully absorb and follow with a moisturizer to lock all the good stuff in.


A yellow-tinted ultra-light oily fluid that absorbs quickly into the skin.


Every evening, after cleansing and before moisturizing.

Is this the right serum for me?

Skincare is not one size fits all. It's personal. That's why we always suggest taking our quick skin Q&A to find out which serums suit you best.

Full ingredient list

squalane (emollient), coco-caprylate/caprate ( emollient ), retinyl palmitate (skin restoring), bisabolol (skin soothing), tocopherol (antioxidant)

Questions & Answers

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We build our formulas around the most effective, highest quality active ingredients that nature and science have to offer.

The bottomline: if it's not proven or purposeful, it doesn't belong in our products. No allergens, no irritants, and no additives- ever.


Dutch Beauty Awards- Best Green Beauty Product
Belgian Beauty Awards- Best Budget Skincare
Marie Claire Prix d’Excellence- Best Local Skincare

*All awards have been granted by independent juries.


Can I use this serum also for the eye area?

Yes, this serum is especially developed to be safe to use under the eyes. We have seen impressive results in crow's feet improvement in our clinical trials.

Is retinol safe with sun exposure?

Yes, perfectly safe. As with all active ingredients that stimulate cell turnover: your skin has a layer of dead skin cells less than usual. For some people this means a temporary increase in skin sensitivity when it comes to sun exposure. In the case of retinol it is temporary as your skin actually gets stronger after using retinol for a while. We always advice to use a daily SPF in any case if you want to achieve the goals related to retinol.

When should I apply retinol?

After the build up, you can use it every evening.

What percentage retinol is in this serum?

0,35% - a percentage that has been proven to be effective, without irritating skin.

Can I use retinol on my sensitive skin?

Our retinol is suitable for sensitive skin. However, we do recommend patch testing and a slow build up in all cases.

Do your products have microplastics?

Our products do not contain microplastics.

Is it useful to use several serums at once?

Yes, you can achieve better targeted results depending on your skin goals by using several serums at once.

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